green • su • late (verb) – to conserve energy, water and resources, clean the air, and make the world cooler and kinder through green infrastructure.

Greensulate brings green roofs and living walls to cities across North America. Our vegetated roofs and walls clean local air and water, lead to LEED credits and make buildings sustainable. From the New York City skyline to the rooftops, walls and sidewalks of San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles, Greensulate has installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of green walls and ecoroofs, saving building owners and taxpayers millions of dollars in energy costs and improving the environment. Greensulate is a leader of integrated design, engineering, installation and maintenance of green walls and all types of green infrastructure solutions for the residential, commercial, and industrial markets.


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Greensulate Projects

Greensulate has been involved in the installation of more than a million square feet of green roofs, green walls and green infrastructure, and has directly installed and maintained over 400,000 square feet of living roofs and walls. The types and sizes of projects are far ranging from a 25,000 sf Extensive Green Roof on a downtown Manhattan high school to a rooftop food garden to feed the homeless to a cable-system green wall on a Castro Street Victorian in San Francisco.

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Greensulate is #SheEO Finalist

SheEO is an incubation program for female entrepreneurs. SheEO screened hundreds and narrowed its list to 25 US women owned businesses. Greensulate is a finalist with a chance of becoming one of five recipients of #SheEO's radical generosity.                          ...

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Project Farmhouse

CIty farming just took another step forward. First it was repurposed vacant lots blossoming as urban gardens, then restaurants growing their own produce, and now Greensulate installed an indoor vegetable patch in a Manhattan hotel.                                    ...

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Green Roofs Help Avoid CA Mudslides

With El Nino coming, water management is on everyone's mind in drought-stricken California.  Experts highlight the benefits of green rooftops as one of the best ways to manage storm water runoff, and avoid the type of mudslides that recently hit after California's...

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