Water Management

Water management is at the core of all Greensulate projects. First, during the design phase, Greensulate considers rainwater harvesting and storage, if desired, drainage from the roof or wall, plant selection and soil amendments that can reduce water needs, and the irrigation or watering systems that need to be installed. Next, during intallation Greensulate focuses on waterproofing the roof or wall, and installing the irrigation system or hose bibs, if requried by green roof or green wall type, project location and plant selection. After installation, a planted green roof will absorb and filter stormwater for decades. And, finally during maintenance, Greensulate oversees watering the green roof and walls and repairs, if needed, in any irrigation systems.

Water management design, installation and management varies widely depending on the project location and client goals. An Extensive Green Roof installed on a building in New York City can survive without irrigation because generally it rains at least once a month year around there. An Extensive Green Roof installed in Los Angeles, on the other hand, needs a source for occasional watering because of the long, rainless seasons. And, an Intensive Green Roof installed in Austin, will require a complete irrigation system and important choices in soil, plant types and overall design in order to remain green.

Greensulate is involved with irrigation companies and the green roof industry in innovating ways to reduce water usage and capture and reuse rainwater.