Lawn Replacement

A growing green strategy in water-impoverished areas is to replace lawns and other water-intensive landscaping not only in residential areas, but throughout a city at public facilities, street medians and sidewalk pathways.

2015 04 30 Patagonia Grant app coverWall Street Journal columnist Joe Queenan wrote recently: “the lawn is arguably the most foolish, destructive, annoying entity on Earth,” because they consume enormous amounts of water, manpower and more.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said in 2014: “Our relationship with water must evolve. We cannot afford the water policies of the past.” He simultaneously announced a city directive to reduce fresh water usage by 20% by 2017 and reduce the Department of Water and Power’s purchase of imported water by 50% by 2024. His directive incorporated a comprehensive approach that includes lawn replacement and green infrastructure solutions.

Greensulate is at the forefront of helping property owners replace lawns and other water-intensive landscaping with attractive planted alternatives that are water-stingy. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics.



Some have suggested replacing lawn with artifical turf because it doesn’t need to be watered. But, these synthetic outdoor carpets create new problems. They don’t support soil health or biodiversity, they result in excessive stormwater runoff and they are not easily recycled. And, they are unnecessary because it is possible to have xeriscape that replicates nature, provides green all the benefits of vegetation without using excessive water.