Greensulate has installed well over a million square feet of green roofs and numerous green walls and green infrastructure projects. We have experience in installing all types and sizes of green roofs and walls. We can install “instant green” extensive green roofs, such as the 14,000 sf Extensive Green Roof on the Fashion Institute of Technology building in downtown Manhattan. That Green Roof went from dead to living over a one-week period. We have also installed large, “build up” intensive and hybrid green roofs that take weeks or months to complete, such as the 20,000 sf Hybrid Green Roof at Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey.

All Greensulate installations are completed by Green Roof Professionals. We take utmost care with waterproofing, drainage, irrigation (if applicable), soil and plant selection, and working to complete projects on-time, on-budget and per specs. We have years of experience in accomplishing projects in busy, dense, urban areas, such as downtown Manhattan. See the before and after photos from a recent installment of an Extensive Green Roof on Ballet Tech below.


Ballet Tech before Ballet Tech After

Similarly, Greensulate has had experience in installing both panel green walls and cable system green walls, such as the Castro Street cable-system green walls.