Greensulate was one of the first U.S. companies to begin reviving lifeless roofs and asphalt surfaces into habitats, gardens, and green spaces that provide community-wide benefits.  We are a nationwide company with Green Roof Professionals on both coasts. We have developed expertise in how to tailor green infrastructure solutions to regional considerations. We provide a full range of services from design/consult to installation to long-term maintenance. We are agnostic on products we use. And, just recently we initiated new products such as growing mediums and hydroponic solutions tailored to the local environment.

Greensulate’s Design Consult Services

Greensulate has designed green roofs ranging from a 500 sf Intensive Garden to a series of Extensive Green Roofs totaling over a million sf. We have designed bioswales, rainwater capturing, gray water systems, green walls, vertical indoor gardens and roof top urban gardens. We base our design on the architect’s and building owner’s goals, regional factors like load bearing regulations and rainfall totals, and our extensive experience in installing and maintaining green roofs over time. Learn more about our Design Consult services.

Greensulate’s Installations

Depending on the design and client goals, Greensulate can install “instant green” extensive green roofs, such as the 14,000 sf Extensive Green Roof on the Fashion Institute of Technology building in downtown Manhattan, which went from dead to living over a one-week period. Other green roofs and green infrastructure project can take weeks or months to complete. Learn more about our Installation Services green infrastructure, walls and roofs – often in challenging urban environments.

Greensulate’s Water Management Services

Water management is at the core of all Greensulate projects. First, during the design phase, Greensulate considers rainwater harvesting and storage, if desired, drainage from the roof or wall, plant selection and soil amendments that can reduce water needs, and the irrigation or watering systems that need to be installed. Next, during installation Greensulate focuses on waterproofing the roof or wall, and installing the irrigation system or hose bibs, if required by green roof or green wall type, project location and plant selection. After installation, a planted green roof will absorb and filter stormwater for decades. And, finally during maintenance, Greensulate oversees watering the green roof and walls and repairs, if needed, in any irrigation systems. Learn more about our Water Management Services.

Greensulate’s Maintenance Services

Greensulate stays involved in the green infrastructure solutions it designs and installs by maintaining the green roofs and walls. Maintenance services include weeding, replacement planting, irrigation and water system maintenance, and repairs if needed. The ongoing maintenance of existing projects helps inform future projects and learn from what works best. Our maintenance service also helps building owners protect their investment in long-life roofs and attractive walls and roofs that increase property values.


BrentwoodGreensulate Values

  • Meeting Client Goals. We learn what you want in performance, energy savings, and aesthetic vision, and we work diligently to meet those goals.
  • System-Agnostic. We are not tied to any particular product. We recommend best-of-breed solutions based on our experience, client goals and site particulars.
  • Site Specific. We recognize that every roof is a unique property. We refuse to use boilerplates.
  • Warranty. We provide a single source warranty.
  • Professionalism. Greensulate projects are overseen by Certified Roof Professionals (GRP); there are only 330 GRPs in North America.
  • Municipal Incentives. Greensulate works closely with municipalities, nonprofits and government entities to source funding and uncover incentives for green roofs.