Green Roofs Help Avoid CA Mudslides

With El Nino coming, water management is on everyone’s mind in drought-stricken California.  Experts highlight the benefits of green rooftops as one of the best ways to manage storm water runoff, and avoid the type of mudslides that recently hit after... read more

Greensulate Goes to Summer School

Greensulate taught 60 summer students about how to plant and care for an array of flowers and herbs last week. We emphasized the importance of gardening and greening urban spaces. Learn more about school gardens. Last week, Greensulate went to summer school. We taught... read more

Solar Green Roofs in Schools

Solar Green Roofs Part of Curriculum. 25 NYC schools have green roofs with integrated solar. Greensulate installed one of the largest solar green roof in NYC. Vicki Sando, a NYC teacher, said: “We made connections between plant study. Plants are little solar... read more

Facebook’s Green Roof

Facebook’s Green Roof is in Sync with Nature. It is 9 acres and is planted to blend with nature. It absorbs rainwater and protects nearby salt flats and marsh. “It’s entirely inspired by the regional landscape,” says Rayna deNiord, lead designer.... read more

Green Roofs Offer Residential Amenity

Green roofs offer residential amenity on multi-family buildings. Developers and architects are incorporating green roofs to add usual amenity space, and take advantage of local incentives. A growing number of cities are paying multifamily building owners to add green... read more

Green Roofs Boost Productivity

A new study shows taking 40 second break to gaze at an image of a green roof improved performance and accuracy. The researcher said: “Our results…demonstrate that brief glimpses of a high-rise green roof scene can boost attention….” Looking At Green... read more

Rain Revolution for Dry, Thirsty LA

Rain Revolution for Dry, Thirsty LA. “Unlike thirsty cities of the past…which meticulously captured every drop of its scant rain, metro LA was designed to convey all rainwater away from the city. Now, in the middle of the drought, LA is working to capture... read more

Amy Norquist Talks Green Roofs

Amy Norquist Talks Green Roofs. An interview with Greensulate CEO and green roof guru Amy Norquist addresses qualitative and economic benefits of green infrastructure, and differences in green roofing strategies in various cities. A major component in sustainable... read more

CA Drought Linked to Climate Change

CA Drought Linked to Climate Change. A Stanford University study points to a region of high atmospheric pressure over the Pacific that is depriving California of storms that would otherwise make landfall. The research team argues that greenhouse gases make these... read more

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