Solar Green Roofs in Schools

Greensulate installed one of the first and largest solar green roof on a New York school at Regis High. By next summer, 25 New York City schools will have green roofs with integrated solar. Teachers are using the living roofs in their curriculum. by Cat DiStasio,... read more

In Sync with Nature

Facebook’s new building in Menlo Park, known as MPK 20, features a sprawling 9 acre rooftop garden. The goal was to reflect and complement the environment, and sustainability drove the green roof’s design. The green roof absorbs rainwater and protects... read more

Green Roofs on MultiFamily Buildings

Developers and their architects are starting to realize that green roofs can mean green dollars. In this article from Real Estate Investor, the author talks about the 2000+ sf green roof as an amenity on a multi-family condo development.  by Bendix Anderson, Real... read more

Green Roofs Boost Productivity

Feeling stuck at work? Did you know that being able to look at a green roof may boost your work productivity? Author Kate Ashford discusses a new study that shows taking 40 second break to gaze at an image of a green roof improved performance and accuracy.  ... read more

Rain Revolution for Dry, Thirsty LA

Author Cynthia Barnett recently wrote an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal that said: “unlike thirsty cities of the past – such as ancient Carthage in Tunisia, which meticulously captured every drop of its scan rain – metro Los Angeles wasted much of... read more

Amy Norquist Talks Green Roofs

Greensulate CEO and green roof guru Amy Norquist discusses the benefits of green roofs. In this interview, Amy talks about the qualitative and economic benefits of green infrastructure, and differences in green roofing strategies in various cities.   ... read more

Stanford Study Links California Drought to Climate Change

The California drought, now entering its fourth year, is sustained by a number of climate forces. The two most unrelenting factors are heat and dryness. A recent study from Stanford University climate scientist Noah Diffenbaugh links these prominent and ongoing... read more