Nanette Leuschel

Policy and Brand Manager

Nan has worked for over 30 years in environmental policy and advocacy. After a decade of work in the energy field, Nan started a public affairs consulting firm working on projects to save wild places, promote alternative energy, work for economic justice, organize green events and advocate for urban infill projects. Nan started working with Greensulate five years ago focusing on places and policies that favor green infrastructure, and working to support architects on the West Coast who seek to incorporate green walls and roofs into buildings.

Nan is a graduate of Stanford University and the CORO public affairs training program. Nan’s Campfire girls name was Wa-He-Lo, which means “girl who loves the water,” so naturally her favorite benefit of green roofs and green infrastructure is how it keeps the ocean, bays, and rivers blue and clean. Her favorite green roof garden plant is Jasmine.

Nan can be reached at