Green Roofs, Green Walls by Greensulate

Green Roofs Green Walls by Greensulate. Greensulate installs green roofs & walls to bring numerous environmental benefits and save money.

Green roofs and green walls (living green infrastructure) return urbanized areas to their pre-development green footprint, along with providing oodles of aesthetic, ecological and financial benefits that only green space can bring. Imagine the impact in New York City alone, where there’s room for 25 more central parks if we strategically place them on roof tops. Suburban and rural applications of green roofing are also valuable in blending our anthropogenic built environment with nature.

Integrating living green architecture into our big cities and small towns is one of the most powerful steps we can take to help conserve energy and restore the rich balance of biodiversity our intense human development of the last several decades has depleted. That’s why Greensulate’s mission is to re-green the world one rooftop at a time.

What exactly is a green roof and how do we make them?

Green Roofs

Schematic.layersSimply put, a green roof is a living extension of an existing or newly constructed roof. It incorporates a water proofing membrane and root barrier, a green roof system, a drainage system, a lightweight growing medium and plants. Each green roof is unique, reflecting its owner’s needs, the particulars of the roof, and the geographic location of the building.

There are various types of green roofs ranging from light-weight, low-maintenance extensive roofs with a growing medium of less than 6 inches to heavier, more expensive intensive roofs, which provide greater human access and usability, to hybrid roofs (also called semi-intensive) that incorporate both extensive and intensive vegetated roof elements.

There are number of methods available for creating a living roof, including modular, mats, and built-up.

There are many advantages of green roofs compared to conventional roofs, including: LEED points, compliance with stormwater runoff regulations, increases in property values, increases in solar cell efficiency, extending the life of the roof, and reducing building energy usage by more than 75% depending on the building location, layout and design.

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Green Walls

Living green walls provide a unique facade on exterior or interior walls while improving air quality and adding an amazing aesthetic element. Like green roofs, green walls are a major tool in reducing the urban heat island (UHI) effect, and therefore reducing energy consumption which translates to cost savings. Popular in Europe and Asia, they help make cities cooler and quieter through shading and the absorption of sound by the plants themselves.

There are several types of green walls and several methods used to create a living wall, including green wall panels and green wall cable systems.

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Green Roofs Help Clean Water, Lower Energy Usage and a Positive ROI

A recent and growing number of credible studies are quantifying the tremendous environmental, social and business benefits of green roofs. They’ve been proven to help address our urban environmental challenges, enhance employee productivity, save energy and money, and provide a positive ROI to building owners.

  • Cooling buildings using decreased energy in the summer: Green roofs can reduce vertical heat gain by up to 87%.1
  • Increased insulation in winter: Green roof adds R-value, reducing vertical heat loss by as much as 35%. 2
  • Decreased burden on your HVAC system: The cooling effect on green roofs enhances HVAC efficiency, leading to reduced operating costs of as much as 15%-50% depending on the application and building.


  • Longer roof life: Green roofs extend the lifespan of existing roof membrane life by 2x to 3x.  Where a typical US roof lasts 15 years, green roofs in Europe have been known to last more than 50 years.
  • Better storm water management: Many cities, states and municipalities recognize green roofs as a key storm water management solution and are providing tax breaks and incentives for their installation
  • Enhanced solar panel efficiency: Green roofs have been shown to enhance solar efficiency by up to 15%, and are increasingly used in conjunction with solar installations.


  • Noise reduction: YouTube’s headquarters in San Bruno, CA, which is located less than 5 minutes from SFO airport, has seen significant noise reduction from its green roof installed more than 10 years ago.

Studies have shown that employees, tenants, and even patients in hospitals have enjoyed better health, increased productivity, reduced stress, and enhanced mental health overall when their view is enhanced by a living roof.

1 April 2010 Columbia University/Con Edison Study comparing an extensive green roof’s performance against a conventional roof.

 2 April 2010 Columbia University/Con Edison Study comparing an extensive green roof’s performance against a conventional roof.