The benefits of green roofs, green walls and green infrastructure are many. Some are direct benefits enjoyed by the property owner and tenants. These include healthier air, improved work environment, tax and other regulatory incentives, energy savings and higher property values. Others are community-wide benefits, which go to improve the overall health and well-being of the local community and environment as a whole. These include stormwater diversion, filteration and absorption, CO2 and particulate matter elimination, replacing gray impervious spaces with green, and reducing urban heat island effect.

Hiteshi Doshi and Steven Peck, GRP, assembled a guide for attributing economic values to selected hard and soft public benefits of green roofs at the community level. (Many of the same benefits can be claimed for green walls and public green infrastructure projects.) Click here to download their research paper. The image below depicts green roof benefits.

Business Case for Green Roofs